Oil & Gas Unit

About Oil & Gas Unit

CWIIL GROUP - OIL & GAS TECHNOLOGIES Researched & Developed By CWIIL Group of Companies has Far Reaching Global Significance for the E&P Block in India as well as Overseas which has Currently Started Commercial Production and also for the Various Overseas E&P Assets Including Three Onshore Oil & Gas Blocks in Africa, Asia and One Offshore Block Each in the Gulf.

CWIIL Group of Companies has Researched & Developed Technologies over the years in Various Sectors both Vertically and Horizontally which has Helped Many Units to Develop as a Horizontally Integrated Enterprise with Full Service Capability, Including Drilling Rigs, Services Equipment, Engineering and Construction, etc. which are Important Business Segments of the Each Specialised Unit. The Multi-Disciplinary Team Approach Facilitates the use of Resources in Personnel, Hardware / Software and the Right Alliances to Adopt Best Practices in Exploration and Development.

CWIIL Group of Companies - Oil & Gas Divison has Researched & Developed Technologies for Various Esteemed Clients to not only set up a Highly Enriched Technical Team that Includes Geologists, Geophysicists, Petrophysicists, Petroleum Engineers, Reservoir Engineers, Well Loggers, Project Managers and Drillers but also to have In Place a Highly Motivated Management Team Consisting of Specialists in Finance, Business Development, Logistics,

Human Resources, and Project Consultancy. Such Teams if Operates Properly World Over Based on the CWIIL GROUP’s Researched & Developed Technologies for E&P Blocks using Best International Oil Industry Practices will Ensure Implementation of Highest Standards with Due Regard to Health, Safety & Environment and also Respecting the Local Socio-Political Environment in the Various Countries of Operations, as per CWIIL Group of Companies Researched & Developed Technologies [ TM ].


CWIIL Group of Companies Researched & Developed Technology for Oil Refinery Sector has Various Options for Multi-Fold Benefits for Global Refining Units.

Retail Business

The Retail Business Technologies of CWIIL Group of Companies Oil & Gas is Oriented towards Delivering Better and Faster Service to its Client Units Finally Delivery Value to their Consumers. CWIIL Group of Companies Technologies Researched & Developed the Pioneering Concept of Setting Up Retail Outlets using the Franchisee-Owned, Franchisee-Operated Model for Client Units. Today the Retail Sector, the World Over Stands to Benefit Largely on Multidisciplinary Functions with the Induction of CWIIL Group of Companies Researched & Developed Technologies.


CWIIL Group of Companies Oil & Gas Division Technologies Researched & Developed over the years has Proved to be a Boon to the Sector of Petrochemical Units Worldwide.