Legal Eagles : Multi Speciality Law Firm

Legal Eagles : Multi Speciality Law Firm

The Legal Eagles Global Corporation along with its entire team of eminent lawyers, jurists, Chartered Accountants, Retired Bankers, and top level Executives have the pleasure to introduce ourselves to you, as a complete full-fledged and self reliant Unit of CWIIL GROUP of Companies.

The Legal Eagles Global Corp. have ready made and effective solutions rather to solve all types of legal problems, tussles and bristling controversies/disputes raging in the various Tribunals and courts with the blessings of the Almighty, Elders and well Wishers We are introducing complete legal solutions/remedies/ pleadings, irrespective of the gravity of the legal problems involved in all these legal battles.

Contract disputes / breach of contract

Obligations disputes

Property disputes or damages

Succession disputes

Car accidents

Class action matters

Administrative law matters

Business disputes

Commercial law disputes

Complaints against the city when the city has declined settlement

Temporary restraining orders

Minor’s Compromise

Financial fraud

Bank robbery



Threatening the president or other federal officials or buildings

Committing a crime on federal property

Committing a crime using interstate commerce

Committing a crime that involves a conspiracy

Using a firearm to commit a crime

Manufacturing and distributing controlled substances