CWIIL Infrastructure

About CWIIL Infrastructure

Many respected companies of the world have joined hands with us in catering to today’s technically complex needs ranging from Group Housing Sector, Private and Commercial - Temperature Controlled – Electronically Covered Roof-Top Swimming Pools, to State-Of-The-Art Commercial Complexes and Parking Lots which are Hassle-Free and a Visual, Technical and Commercial Delight to the Consumer as well as to the Owner of the Property; to Super Highways, Bridges, Super-Specialised Bridges, Airports, Dams, Canals etc.

Currently, CWIIL Group of Companies is also engaged in projects like Airports, SEZs, Metros, Toll-Ways and Other Facilities. The Real Estate Linked and Regular Group and Independent Housing Projects, Including Townships, Beach Properties, Hill Estates are being looked after under a Specially Created Wing - KING’S CLUB which is a CWIIL GROUP UNIT.

CWIIL Group Global Initiative

The infrastructure has a vital importance in the BRIC countries like Brazil, Russia, India and China. It plays an important role in economic growth, in ensuring better income distribution and income equality among the populace. A lot of investment in infrastructure is expected to come in the coming years in these countries so there is a major opportunity for the private sector.

Then comes the next lot of flourishing nations like Bangladesh, Egypt, Indonesia, Iran, Korea, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Turkey and Vietnam. Due to globalization, Infrastructure is contributing majorly to the economy of these countries. Good governance, sensible policies and strong institutions can lead to over all investment in the infrastructure sector.

Although developed nations have relatively lower infrastructural growth prospects, yet they have ample opportunities due to the challenges they face like providing adequate secure jobs to educated populace.

CWIIL Group of Companies understands the global responsibility therefore it plays an active role in bridging the gap between what is present and what is required.