Gems & Stones

Gems and Stones


We provide trusted and certified gems as per your requirement.

Gems form an integral part of ones personality and based on the various attributes of ones character, astrological constellations at the time of birth, ones own likeness towards gems and due to sheer pleasure of wearing a particular piece of jewelry, we are all attracted towards acquiring one or the other Gem.

Since time immemorial Gems have been traded globally and people of certain taste, desire or due to sheer compulsion based on astrological significance, have always been looking for genuine and realistically priced Gems.

It is our endeavor that the very reasonably priced genuine and duly certified Gem Stones are made available to our clients. All our Gems carry an internationally accredited rating from certified and licensed government approved and globally recognized agencies, even otherwise all our Gems are added and acquired in our collection or for a specific client request (applicable for rare Gems requirements) and are not only a beauty to the beholders eye but are rare pieces of natures creation and gift to man kind which are very tastefully and elegantly cut, polished and set into customized requirements of our most esteemed clients.

We provide a whole range of certified Diamonds including the entire range of color and rare cut diamonds which are available in various levels of clarity besides the entire range of Sapphires, Emeralds, Ruby, Pearl, Tiger Stone, Opel, Amethyst, Aquamarines, etc.

Backed by CWIIL Group of Companies, our seal of trust and commitment towards quality and ethical business practices, the Gems and Jewelry Division are providing one of the best products and services to various buying houses, traders, facilitators and also end consumers who wish to directly order with us. For the entire range of our offerings and for all categories of buyers from bulk to individual users we have various options including financial tie ups with top international banks to provide a hassle free and privileged owner ship experience.

For considering being a delightful owner of a Gem or for trading/bulk inquiries you may feel free to either send us an email on or fill out the form by clicking here, post which one of our experts will get in touch with you withing 4 working hours with the best suited options based on your requirements.